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How to Find The Right Assisted Living Option

Have you ever wondered how you will stay healthy and active as you age? Are you bothered about not being able to enjoy an independent life as you grow older? While it is true that with age, increased healthcare needs can impact our ability to live independently, nevertheless, there are ways and supportive communities that help seniors age gracefully.

With more healthcare needs, assisted living becomes the logical progression from independent living. Imagine waking up every morning to a vibrant community with shared interests. From lively book clubs and gardening groups to joining a walking club and doing yoga sessions together, there is never a dull moment at assisted living communities. Read on to understand the significance of incorporating assisted living planning as a wise and proactive approach to healthy aging and learn how assisted living can contribute to a well-rounded future.

The external appearance sets the tone for the overall experience. Imagine having a wonderful pool or mountain view with sweet humming sounds of native birds to wake up to each morning. Sounds dreamy right? By choosing the right assisted living option, you can make this dream your everyday reality. Keep an eye out for how neatly the indoor or outdoor spaces and hallways are maintained. For instance, whether the common spaces are clean and well-kept, whether the floors are dusty or soiled if the beds and sofas are comfortable, and what additional recreational spaces are designed.

While the curb appeal of an assisted living resort is important, it is not the only factor. These beautiful aesthetics must be in line with the safety, comfort, and overall well-being of the residents. Look for features like ramps with handrails, wide hallways, and accommodations for residents with mobility aids. Also, check for fall-prevention designs such as slip-resistant flooring and bathroom grab bars.

In addition to getting the needed support, it is also important that the assisted living option you choose adds value to the lives of your loved ones. Be sure to inquire about the amenities offered while comparing different assisted living options.
For instance, some might provide on-site cafes, gyms, swimming pools, libraries, movie rooms, and other amenities. Others might provide social events, outings, and transportation services.
Therefore, it’s helpful to think about the amenities that are significant to you and confirm that the assisted living option you select provides them. You can take a look at their monthly events and activity calendar to get a more realistic understanding of this.

Chefs, staff, and other key team players will play an important role in improving the quality of life for your loved ones. Hence you should know the right questions you need to ask when determining if this team is the right fit for your loved ones:
1) What is the team-member ratio and how many team members are available during the day and night?
2) Who helps with medications and is there a licensed healthcare professional available during the day and night to help with the emergencies?
3) Are there protocols for preventing and addressing incidents such as falls, wandering, or emergencies?

As much as having a trained team is important, knowing the residents too will help you ease your anxiety and concerns about an Assisted Living community. Make conscious efforts to schedule a tour and have an opportunity to meet the residents you or your loved ones will be living with.  To get a feel for how you would fit within the community, have dinner with current residents or participate in some events.

The first practical step in determining whether a particular Assisted Living Community appeals to you, as well as knowing how well you might connect with the residents, is to visit a potential community. Scheduling a tour will get you first-hand experience of what the community feels and looks like. Observe the environment, interact with staff and residents, ask questions, and assess the safety features and cleanliness of the place to make the best choice for you and your loved ones.

If you are looking for an Assisted Living Community in Sierra Vista, plan a visit to Hummingbird Senior Resort Living community. This is a homey destination with engaging amenities and services designed to improve the quality of life for our residents. Imagine a lifestyle that includes a private movie theater where you can watch current releases and your favorite oldies, a bistro and restaurant, libraries, a fitness center, a pet-friendly environment, and onsite freshly prepared nutritious meals. This is how our residents at Hummingbird Senior Resort Living lead their lives. Hummingbird Senior Resort Living represents the best of retirement living, a lifestyle of choices that includes assisted living, memory care, and independent living services designed with our residents’ interests and needs in mind.

Feel free to invite your friends, family, loved ones, and any of your furry companions and introduce them to us. At Hummingbird, we embrace the beauty of human connection and cherish the company we keep, for it is a cornerstone of a vibrant and fulfilling life.
Join us in sharing laughter, love, and happiness today and every day!

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