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Life at Hummingbird Senior Resort Living

Nestled below the Huachuca Mountains, in an ideal climate for a peaceful state of mind, start living your dream life. Enjoy the surrounding desert beauty, go stargazing or explore a multitude of parks, monuments, caverns, and historic landmarks with your Hummingbird community or family and friends. There’s a whole new life ahead full of experiences, just waiting to happen. Others call it destiny, we call it Hummingbird Senior Resort Living!

Located in Sierra Vista, The Hummingbird Capital of the United States & the heart of Southeastern Arizona, Hummingbird Senior Resort Living resides in the lap of nature. Under great skies and astonishing landscapes, engage in Birdwatching and Wildlife Viewing with our incredible Birdwatching club.

senior living in sierra vista


We help our residents upgrade the quality of their lives through exceptional service with compassionate care that transcends expectations. 


At Hummingbird Senior Resort Living, we personify where residents find beauty and serenity in connection and activity, forging the freedom and space for independence and creativity. We render an exquisite experience for a life that never stops feeling like a vacation.


INTEGRITY: Knowledge of honorable righteousness and an uncompromising adherence to it. 

RESPECT: Value each Individual for who they are and embrace their uniqueness.

RESPONSIBILITY: Consistently pursue opportunities to learn, grow and contribute.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP:  Serve the collective well being.

Message from Executive Director,

Hummingbird Senior Resort Living

Don't just Retire, Re-wire!

 💡  Hummingbirds can consume food up to double their body weight in a day.

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